Invitation vote

You are cordially invited to vote in a trial voting session of the national assembly of the Federalist party of Canada. The voting period begins at 1AM Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, December 30. The voting period ends at 11PM Eastern Standard Time on Monday, December 31. To vote click on VOTE under National assembly December. When the login window pops up enter your name and password. If you wish to have a resolution voted on under the order paper tab on the national assembly page is motion and fill out the form. I will accept new resolutions up till  December 15. At that point on the order paper page I will list what is up for a vote in the Assembly. If you wish to vote sent me your name and a password with no capital and all letters by December 25. On January first you can login and see the results. The results are unofficial and wont be recorded on the party’s website since non members who have been invited to vote are well voting. A chance for Canadians to take a look and show them how democracy of the membership works in the Federalist party of Canada.

Barry Aulis


2 responses to “Invitation vote

  1. could you please send me a membership form for the party so i can offically join-box 2027-digby n.s. bov 1a0 peter lombard hope to hear from you soon.

    • Yes you are already a registered member of the party. When you filled out the form on the home page and gave me a password. Thanks Barry.

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