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Liberal Leadership

liberallogo-620x405It’s to bad Marc Garneau dropped out of the Liberal leadership race. He was one of three candidates I was considering being my first choice on the ballot. Under Federalist Party rules all candidates in a leadership race have a 4-year term on the Federal council. The runner up becomes deputy leader with an 8-year term on the Federal council. Without multiplicity there is no democracy. It should be built right into a political party’s rules to encourage multiple candidates for any elected office. In the Federalist Party if you run and become one of the 6 candidates on the ballot at least you get the consolation prize of membership on the Federal council and if you’re the runner up your #2 in the leadership. Barry

Peter Penashue

I was the official agent for peter penashuethe NDP candidate here in Compton-stanstead in 2008 and I believe it’s the agent’s responsibility to oversee the campaign’s finances not the candidate. Mr. Peter Penashue should not have to resign his seat because of the actions of his official agent. My opinion is that in the event of illegal donations to a candidate the amount that is declared as illegal should be the amount of a fine that the candidate, official agent, and the auditor of that campaign’s financial return must pay to election Canada. After having to pay a hefty fine if you ran again for MP you might be more careful whom you have as your official agent and pay a little more attention afterwards. Barry

Harper’s Government

Someone needs to tell Darth Stevious that its not his government but the government of Canada! Did my taxes and here’s what I found on the Revenue Canada’s webpage on the government website.

Harper Government’s Low-Tax Plan Benefits Canadian Families

actions taken by the Harper Government since 2006.

As a direct result of the Harper Government’s strong record

the Harper Government has reduced the GST

taken by the Harper Government since 2006.

Barry Aulis