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Maria Mourani

442_1_jpg_142x230_autocrop_q85A Leader of a Federal party unilaterally expelling one of it”s MPs from caucus not for any vote in the Commons but for an opinion that contradicts the Leader’s position not on federal policy but on a PROPOSED law in Quebec.

Maria Mourani, who was kicked out of the Bloc Québécois caucus over her opposition to the Parti Québécois’ proposed charter of Quebec values, says she has decided to quit the party.

Mourani told reporters gathered at a press conference in her home riding of Ahuntsic in Montreal Friday morning that she was very saddened by the turn of events, which have left her questioning her involvement within the sovereigntist movement.

“Was my expulsion from the Bloc the conclusion of a succession of events in which an election-driven strategy took precedence over the defense of basic human rights?” Mourani said. “I wonder.”

From the provisional constitution

11.4    The National caucus shall consist of all Party members who are members of the House of Commons. The caucus by an absolute two-thirds majority vote can suspend an MP from caucus.

12.3    Key resolutions need three-quarter majorities to be passed in the National Assembly and National Congress. The Federal Council must also pass such resolutions with a two-thirds majority vote. Key resolutions are motioned in the National policy committee. These resolutions form the National Party Platform and are binding upon a Federalist government and all Federalist MPs. Each Federalist MP can vote as they choose in the House of Commons. They may vote against a key resolution without penalty a number of times in each Parliament equal to the number of times they have been elected to the Commons.

If you wont to change our politics you must first start with the parties. Barry.