Disciplinary motion

rob-fordShould municipal councils have the authority to suspend or remove from office any municipal official? Yes!  From least to severest a municipal council should be able to impose the following penalties on those who hold a public office in that municipality.

  • A motion of reprimand which is the proverbial slap on the wrist but an official one done by an absolute majority on the council which for the Toronto city council is 23 out of the 44 councillors.
  • A motion of censure that imposes a fine with the defendant losing their salary until the amount equals or exceeds the fine. This is to be done by an absolute 60% majority that for Toronto is 27 votes on the city council.
  • A motion of suspension that of course suspends an official from office for a temporary period with or without pay for that period of time. This motion is to be passed by an absolute two-thirds majority for Toronto that’s 30 votes.
  • A motion of dismissal that shall remove the defendant from office and this is to be passed by an absolute three quarters majority that for Toronto’s city council is 33 votes.

Of course Toronto’s city Councillors can be subjected to a disciplinary motion as well. A Councillor can’t vote on their own motion leaving you with 43 members voting. All motions requiring one less vote to pass except a motion of dismissal.


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