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Quebec election

pmAnother election triggered by a wave of the hand of the political monarch (PM). If its good enough for the National Assembly to pass legislation setting municipal elections to a fixed 4 year term on a set date then why is the same not good enough for the Quebec government?

Set Quebec elections for a set date every 4 years. Separate the vote for the executive and legislature. The Quebec voters directly vote for who they have confidence in to be the government in the next parliament. The top 4 councils nominated by the National Assembly are on the ballot in an executive vote the same as voting for a mayor in local elections. No more then 6 candidates for the National Assembly in a legislative election. No more confidence motions they are replaced by a motion of dismissal that can dismiss a minister by a two thirds majority vote of the National Assembly with the premier dismissed by an absolute two thirds majority (84). These means getting rid of the Westminster style of government and replacing it with the provincial version of our municipal governments. This is 21st century Quebec not 19th century Britain.