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Joe Anglin

Joe Anglin

Mr Anglin quit the Wildrose party of Alberta for basically the same reasons I quit the federal NDP and founded this the Federalist party of Canada. Below is the statement Mr. Anglin put out on his Facebook page.

Founder Barry Aulis

CBC Story

I have written the Speaker of the Assembly, the Hon. Gene Zwozdesky this morning and requested that I be seated as an independent MLA, effective immediately.

It is no secret that I have been a round peg in a square hole in the Wildrose Party. I speak my mind. I bring different experiences and a different point of view to the caucus than my colleagues. This has never been an issue for me: a strong party is made stronger by a variety of opinions. A party that wants to govern a province as big and diverse as ours must be a big tent.

I also believed then – as I do now – that a change of government was one of the most important policies of all. On that point, we were united in our common cause: constructing a real alternative to the Redford government.

Unfortunately, that unity wasn’t destined to last. Behind closed doors, the party has increasingly lost focus on its original mission of creating a true grassroots party. It has been caught up in a civil war between ideologues and pragmatists, with staff, volunteers, and even MLAs being placed into and forced out of positions with alarming frequency. As a result of poor management and infighting, there will be a motion today by my leader, Danielle Smith, to have me removed from caucus. To be honest, this is upsetting but not surprising. It was clear by the way the party executive mishandled my nomination process last June, and by the way they mismanaged the past four by-elections something needs to be corrected.

The Wildrose Party is now at a crossroads. The Party’s interference in local constituency matters and its lack of respect for the democratic process must be corrected if this party is to continue. While I am proud to have worked with my caucus colleagues, and share in their many accomplishments, the party and its leadership are in crisis.

This party was founded on the principles of a grassroots democracy. It is now infested with an unelected backroom weed that is choking off the grassroots movement. I still have the highest regard for Danielle Smith as a person. She is intelligent and thoughtful, but in saying this I have little respect for the people advising her. Ultimately the leader bears the responsibility for addressing these problems.

There is however a silver lining to this cloud. We have seen in just this last week the support Albertans are willing to give on the promise of new management. The Wildrose Party could take a page out of that playbook!

I stand for better government before party politics. Always have, always will! I will serve my constituents, champion the values I hold dear and try to improve our government.