Base Wage




The Ontario public service wage act

The wages of all who work in the public service whether in the executive, bureaucracy, legislature, or judiciary should be based upon what is happening to those who pay those wages, namely the taxpayers. The concept of the base wage is simple for the proceeding year calculate the average income of those who are not retired. This is to exclude those who work for any level of government. Figure out the average monthly unemployment rate to two figures for that year. Reduce the average income by the unemployment rate and divide by 52. This gives you the base wage for that municipality, province, or the nation.

From StatsCan I got the following figures for the province of Ontario for 2015. Average annual wage of $50,781 and an average unemployment rate of 6.8%. The equation is (50,781 – 6.8%) / 52 = 910.15. The base wage is the first number to two significant figures that is equal to or greater than that amount which in this case is $920.

All salaries within the provincial government of Ontario would be paid an amount that is a percentage of the Ontario base wage of $920. It is calculated for the proceeding year and takes effect starting the first pay check on or after July first of every year. If unemployment goes up the public wages go down and if it goes down then those wages go up. If the average income of the taxpayers go up so does the base wage and if it goes down then on July the first so does the salaries of all public employees, top to bottom. I would set an amount that the wages can not go below.

For example set the general office worker at 65% the base wage. After 1 year it’s to go up to 70%, after 3 years to 75%, 5 years in the public service 80%, 10 years to 85%, and after 20 years it goes to the maximum of 90%. The process being the wages for any job classification starts at a certain percentage and increase for experience and seniority to a maximum after a set number of years. Those that are a specific position like premier or MLA or deputy minister for transport is a set percentage that doesn’t change.

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