Government Shutdown

trumpsdWasn’t he suppose to clean this up? A government reform to end this sort of reoccurring nonsense is to have an departmental budgetary allowance for all parts of government. Each department, agency, or part of government has a monthly allowance that increases at the rate of inflation. The department of defence could start with a monthly allowance of $55,000,000,000 that gets raised each quarter to account for the inflation rate. The same would be true for all other departments and agencies like the EPA, NASA, and the like. Government bodies like the House of Representatives, the Senate, Supreme court, and the White House would also have a monthly budget to finance their operations. If a department shows their over budget for 12 consecutive months then that and only that department suffers a shutdown which imposes spending constraints as set forth in law. One of them should be no official gets paid more then the average national income which I believe is around $56,000 for the USA. Any official in the affected department that has a salary of more then $56,000 has that salary brought down to that amount for the duration of the shutdown until the department is no longer over budget.

The departmental budgetary allowance establishes a permanent funding of all government operations. When the House, Senate, and President can finally agree then and only then is the amount of the allowance changed either an increase or decrease in that funding.


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