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Bill C-559

Michael Chong MPNational Assembly December 2013 vote

My chief problem with bill C-559 is the provision that the House caucus of a party can by majority vote on a secret ballot dismiss the Leader of the Party and then vote in a replacement to serve as interim Leader till the next leadership race.

This means 20 members of the Liberal caucus could vote out Justin Trudue as Leader and put in an interim Leader in his place. That’s just 20 Liberals in the caucus nullifying the votes of 81,736 liberals who voted for Justin Trudue in the leadership race and who represents 65% of all those registered to vote in that election.

In the NDP because they are 60% of the Caucus the NDP Quebec MPs could unite and vote out any Leader they didn’t like and thus in effect have a veto on the leadership of the NDP. So much for it being a NATIONAL party.

It is hereby moved that the Federalist members of Parliament be block voted in the negative on bill C-559 should it go to third reading as currently written.


It is hereby moved that the Federalist party support the following as an amendment to bill C-559.

I would change Mr Chang’s bill so that every registered political party is to have a Chief Election Officer with a term of ten years. Just like they must have an auditor.

There would be two classes of registered parties. The major parties are those that won a seat in Parliament or ran candidates in a majority of the ridings. That would be the following 5 parties Conservative, NDP, Liberal, Bloc Quebecois, and the Green party. The minor parties are all the other registered parties numbering 13 out of the 18 registered parties.

The major parties elect their CEO by a secret ballot of a caucus of their candidates in the last election. For the Conservatives, NDP, Liberals, and Greens this is a caucus of 300 plus members. The Bloc is a caucus of 75. It requires a two-thirds majority to elect and the same to suspended or dismiss.

The minor parties elect the CEO by a secret ballot of their membership. As with the major parties it requires a two-thirds majority to elect and the same to suspend or dismiss.

The vote is Yes / No for each candidate. If the winning candidate did not get the required two-thirds majority the term is for 1 year.