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Harper’s Government

Someone needs to tell Darth Stevious that its not his government but the government of Canada! Did my taxes and here’s what I found on the Revenue Canada’s webpage on the government website.

Harper Government’s Low-Tax Plan Benefits Canadian Families

actions taken by the Harper Government since 2006.

As a direct result of the Harper Government’s strong record

the Harper Government has reduced the GST

taken by the Harper Government since 2006.


Barry Aulis


The political monarch (PM) waves his hand and we now have three By-elections. Here’s another way of doing it that is independent of the Prime Minister. There would be four set election dates, which would be three months apart on which you would hold any by-elections. For example the set election dates could be the first Monday in the months of March, June, September, and December. When a Commons seat goes vacant the Speaker of the House informs the Chief Electoral Officer of the vacancy and the By-election would be on the second set election date after the seat goes vacant. For the ridings of Durham and Victoria the second election date after their vacancy would be the first Monday in December. For the riding of Calgary-center that went vacant when Lee Richardson resigned on May 30 the second election date after would have been the first Monday in September. All by-elections would be 3 to 6 months after a seat goes vacant. When the Partisan kiddies fight over the election date toy you take it away from them! Barry.