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Revere the Leader

abortion-rights-trump-mps-freedom-to-vote-their-conscienceliberal-caucus-20140819Jus In the natural governing party you revere the Leader. The Liberals have learned nothing and its still the same old same old. But are any of the other parties any better?

12.3 Key resolutions need two third majorities to be passed in the National Assembly, National Congress, and the Federal council. Key resolutions are motioned in the National policy committee. These resolutions form the National Party Platform and are binding upon a Federalist government and all Federalist MPs. Each Federalist MP can vote as they choose in the House of Commons. They may vote against a key resolution without penalty a number of times in each Parliament equal to the number of times they have been elected to the Commons.

I have had this discussion before and what it comes down too is are you a Member of Parliament or are you a Member of Party? The answer is another more basic question the voters and taxpayers of Canada should ask. Who pays their salaries?

With the Federalist party of Canada what comes first is recognition that its the taxpayers who pay an MP’s salary and not the Party and certainly not the Party Leader. But they are also running as the Federalist’s candidate for the House so they are required to support the Party’s platform in Parliament. This support however is not and should not be the absolute that Mr. Trudue is dictating to the members of the Liberal party.

As the Federalist party’s constitution shows Federalist’s MPs can pass on a bloc vote of the caucus a limited number of times in each Parliament. Breaking party ranks beyond this brings the following penalties; first time 90 day suspension from caucus, second time 180 day suspension from caucus and National Congress, third time 1 year suspension of party membership, fourth time its bye bye you are in the wrong party!

Instead of Party discipline rigidity have a system that says you are both MP Member of Parliament and a Member of your Party. I repeat you are a Member of Parliament first why? Because where I come from the One that pays your salary is the one who gets to call the shots!

Barry Aulis