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National Convention vs National Assembly

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Delegates to a Convention versus The National Assembly

Convention The registration fee is $695 PLUS travel PLUS lodging PLUS meals.

Assembly Registration fee is $100 NO travel NO lodging NO meals. First registration is good for 1 year, the second for 2 years, the third for 3 etc. It gets cheaper with seniority.

Convention Vote at the Convention. Ballot cast at a specific place and time

Assembly Vote by Internet. Voting period of 72 hours and cast your ballot anywhere you have Internet access.

Convention Biennial National Conventions

Assembly Biannual National Assembly votes

Convention Votes in the riding associations, provincial associations, party commissions, delegate selections, provincial conventions, organizing committees, and how much of this is behind closed doors?

Assembly Doing the August vote of the National Assembly by a draft of the Standing orders.

March: Introduction period
Any member of the National Assembly may introduce one resolution that is in one of the following classes (constitutional amendment / standing order / national bylaw / policy resolution / motion). A registration fee of $10 applies but not if the member is a monthly donor of $10/month. This is to keep down the number of resolutions and Motions is anything not covered by the other four.

April & May: Endorsement period
Any member of the Assembly who didn’t introduce a resolution can endorse a resolution in each of the classes (constitutional amendment / standing order / national bylaw / policy resolution / motion) for a total of 5 endorsements. This endorsement is public, free, and can’t be revoked once made.

June 1: The Clerk of the Assembly issues what is on the ballot for the August vote of the National Assembly.

Official resolutions are those that go to the Assembly from the other bodies in the Party.

Tribunal decisions can be over ruled by a vote of the National Congress and the Assembly. An automatic Motion to rescind goes to a joint vote before both.

The National executive can introduce to a joint vote of the Assembly and Congress up to 5 motions to pass, revise, or repeal national bylaws.

The Federal council introducing any key or binding policy resolutions to a joint vote of the Congress and Assembly.

All motions passed by the National Congress in its last vote.

Member resolutions are those introduced by the members. AHS!

The most endorsed constitutional amendment.

The most endorsed standing order of the Assembly.

The 5 most endorsed national bylaw resolutions.

The 10 most endorsed policy resolutions. The most endorsed policy resolution in each province. This gives you 10 to 20 policy resolutions going to a vote.

The 10 most endorsed motions.

June 2 to August 28 the National Assembly has 88 days for discussion and debate through the party’s website, blogs, and social media.

The National Assembly votes starts August 29 at 1AM eastern and ends August 31 at 11PM eastern. Actually it’s a 70-hour voting period not a 72-hour period. This is to avoid any confusion.

If you wont our politics to change you must first change our political parties.