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Prorogation of Parliament

Here we go again with another political monarch (PM) proroguing Parliament at their pleasure. Some 400 years ago the British cut the head off a king who insisted on the royal authority over the prerogatives of Parliament. That prerogative can be summed up in a simple statement of Parliament and only Parliament can affect Parliament. As the December constitutional crisis of 2008 proved that the Prime Minister can get rid of Parliament but Parliament can’t get rid of the Prime Minister. It’s like having a situation with a Corporation where if the board of directors fires the CEO it automatically brings about a general shareholders meeting. You can’t fire someone without losing your own job simultaneously. Parliament should only be prorogued on a Motion of Prorogation. This motion to be presented by either the government or opposition House leader and passed by an absolute two-thirds majority. For the House of Commons its 206 and for the Ontario Assembly 72. Parliament would then be prorogued till the fifth Monday afterwards. Personally I would vote once in a Parliament to prorogue and give the government what amounts to a time out. But this is done by a vote in the House or Assembly and not the royal signature upon the advice of the Prime Minister of the day. Barry.