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image10An interesting question is do the Democrats have a built-in advantage in the electoral college? I came up with the idea to recalculate the last presidential elections so that the Republican and Democratic candidates got the same vote, an exact 50/50 popular vote split. So here’s the result for 2012. I calculated to the nearest thousand votes and to 4 decimal places.

Obama 65,916,000 votes / Romney 60,934,000 votes / Equal votes for each 63,425,000

Multiple Obama’s  vote by 0.9622 / Multiple Romney’s vote by 1.0409 / Do this for their vote in each state and the District of Columbia. What happens?

The electoral votes of the states of Florida and Ohio go from Obama to Romney. The change in electoral votes for the candidates?

Obama got 332 electoral votes (62%) with a 50/50 popular vote split it’s 285  electoral votes (53%).

Romney got 206 electoral votes (38%) with a 50/50 popular vote split it’s 253 electoral votes (47%).


Super Tuesday 3

supertuesdayIt’s will be Hilllaryyyy and the DONALD!!

The chances that Senator Sanders can win everything remaining by 60%+ of the vote is non existent. All the remaining GOP primaries are winner takes all so Mr. Trump must lose most of them to be denied a majority of the delegates and virtually all of them to not have the most delegates. Do WKRP turkeys fly?

Super Tuesday 2

supertuesdayIt will be Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans, but with fine print at the bottom.


  1. Hillary unless Sanders can start winning most every primary by solid majorities of 10-20 points over Clinton.
  2. Donald unless he starts losing the majority of the primaries to the other candidates.

Super Tuesday

supertuesdayIt’s Super and it’s Tuesday. Unless Sanders can win something it will be Hillary for the Democrats just a question of how long to get the majority of the delegates. If Trump wins nearly all of the states by 10-15 points more then the second place candidate then it’s him for the Republicans unless all others get out leaving just one to be the designed candidate to take out the DONALD!! .